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Letter To The Editor

To the person or persons who started the fire that destroyed my Grandpa Spurlock’s Store at Squires, Missouri on January 22, 2012, the building may be gone, but the memories from the community and family will never be destroyed. The building was the hub for the post office, feed store, groceries, gasoline and kerosene and a place for neighbors to catch up on social life.

I remember going with Fred to deliver feed to the farmers who were too busy working in hay to come to the store. I remember Lilly Skidmore carrying her eggs to sell. I remember Daddy, Homer Turner, using the grease rack to change oil in my first car. I remember Mom, Sis Turner, giving me a nickel for three-cent stamps for a letter and getting bubble gum with the change. This icon of Squires may be destroyed, but whoever the culprit, who did this cowardly act will hopefully feel remorse and turn themselves into the authorities and apologize to the Spurlock family.


Sandra (Turner) Clopper

Farmington, Missouri