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Victory Academy Classrooms Awarded Power-Up Grants

Ava Victory Academy is the recipient of five grants from the White River Valley’s Power-Up Grant Program.  Each award is for $500, and the money will be spent on improvements to classrooms.

According to the school the grant money will be used as follows:

In the classroom of kindergarten teacher, Christi Adams, a new laptop computer will be purchased for the classroom;

Bob Niesen, 7th – 12th grade math teacher, will purchase five graphing calculators;

Chrisie Shahan, 7th – 12th  grade history teacher, will purchase a new laptop for the classroom;

Jeannie Tredway, 9th – 12th grade art teacher will purchase art supplies for the high school art class; and

Crystal Johnson, 1st/2nd grade teacher, will purchase a magnetic whiteboard for her classroom.