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Letter To The Editor – Rosie Harris

So enjoyed all the stories in your Christmas series; knew but had forgotten the legends behind the candy cane and so many more.

New Year’s Eve day we held a mini Sugar Shack reunion at Larkin’s. Haven’t laughed so much in a very long time. Four of the original were there – Bevy, Sandy, Dixie and Brenda. Lena and I were, of course, the oldest, Mom to everyone who came through the door.

Kathy and David purchased the Sugar Shack from Harlan and his wife in 1978. Kathy sold out in 1986. Those in between years were filled with so many wonderful memories. The food was always the best and the customers were the greatest. I know everyone who reads this will remember the Hillbilly. I wish I knew how many we sold. Mouse, Patty, Mindy and I came in the ’80s along with a bunch more.

Kathy looked wonderful and hasn’t changed. She’s such a beautiful and delightful lady. I’m sorry more people didn’t show up. It was your loss for sure!

We are planning another get-together at Buck Creek this summer. Some will be camping and some will need cabins. If anyone is interested they can call me for more information. Also check out the Sugar Shack on Facebook “Sugar Shack Friends.” Until next time, happy new year and God bless one and all.

Rosie Harris