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Emergency Response Team Preparing For Spring Storms

The Douglas/Ozark Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) conducted a full scale exercise last Saturday at the Ava/Douglas County Training Center in Ava, under the direction of Steven Little, CERT trainer.
Little was assisted by associate instructors Joe Bricker and Billie Sue Yost.  The search and rescue teams conducted searches of an unoccupied, but debris-filled residence, finding victims and successfully removing them to safety.
While the search and rescue teams were working, the CERT EOC (Emergency Operations Center) team met to discuss their duties and how they would carry them out.  The EOC team will have their needed supplies ready to be mobile so they can set up operations where needed.
According to Little, it was a very successful exercise and the teams could be successfully deployed at any time if needed.
The CERT team has been training since November and Little said the goal is to make sure the teams are ready for the spring storm season.  There are approximately 25 people now volunteering with the Douglas/Ozark County CERT.  Little said about that many more are waiting to start their training.
He also stated more volunteers are needed and are welcomed to sign up for the team.  If you would like more information on CERT or would like to apply to be a team member, you may do so by calling the EMA Office at 683-3315.
Little added that the Triage and other medical teams will be doing a full scale exercise at a later date.