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EMA legal

PUBLIC NOTICE Pursuant to 42 USC § 11044 The Ava/Douglas County Local Emergency Planning Committee hereby notifies the public that emergency response plan(s), material safety data sheets and inventory forms have been submitted pursuant to the Emergency Planning and Community ...

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Letter to the Editor 11.13.2014

Dear Editor: Old people over 65 years old on Medicare. It has been reported a Medicare worker went to the hospital and told hospital workers to enroll people on Medicare as out-patients so they would not have to pay the ...

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Cross Should Not Be Removed

The letter below was actually written to the Quincy Herald-Whig in Quincy, Ill., but the topic is the same and the decision by this one judge in San Diego has a ripple effect on all of us. The letter was ...

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Letter To The Editor 11.21.2013 – Goss

To the Editor: Recently, Governor Jay Nixon, of Missouri, declared that those individuals who have entered into “same-sex” marriages may file joint tax returns with the Missouri Department of Revenue. In defense of his act, Governor Nixon called it “appropriate.” ...

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Letter to the Editor – Goss

Dear Editor: On page A-2 and again on B-2 of the Sept. 19, 2013 paper, there is a note claiming that the U.S. Constitution is the longest-enduring of any in the world. This is incorrect. The oldest constitution stilll in ...

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Letter to the Editor 9.26.2013

I commend Jean Scrivner for feeling compelled to comment on my Letter to the Editor of a few weeks ago.  She wondered where I get my information.  True, much of it does come from the Internet from sites that give ...

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