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Wasson Report 2.23.12

Protecting Missouri’s Workers On Thursday, the Senate passed Senate Bill 572, which modifies the law relating to workers’ compensation. Under the legislation, co-workers could no longer be found personally liable for honest workplace accidents. The bill would also mandate civil ...

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Rowland Report 2.23.12

I am writing this column later than usual as the House was not in session last Thursday and I had no committee meetings on Thursday.  This week looks to be great weather all across Missouri.  Spring surely can’t be that ...

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Filing For Primary Election Opens Next Tuesday

Filing opens next Tuesday for the Aug. 7 primary election. In county elections, voters will be electing two county district commissioners, sheriff, assessor, public administrator, coroner, sur­veyor, and township committeemen and committeewomen. Voters in Douglas, Ozark and Wright counties will ...

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Emerson Report 2.23.12

A President Who Refuses to Budge The president’s budget is really just a stack of paper.  It is only as serious as the administration offering it.  That said, the budget proposal offered President Obama an important opportunity to turn away ...

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Dugger Report 2.23.12

In Jefferson City, state legislators try to look at how Washington’s operating and do the opposite.  During the contentious debate over the President’s healthcare law in Washington, former U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi reminded folks that ‘we have ...

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Emerson Report 1.26.2012

“No” Is Still Not an Energy Policy Not many of the policies coming out of the White House make a whole lot of sense these days, but the Obama Administration’s decision to block a major new pipeline of oil from ...

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