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Cross Should Not Be Removed

The letter below was actually written to the Quincy Herald-Whig in Quincy, Ill., but the topic is the same and the decision by this one judge in San Diego has a ripple effect on all of us. The letter was ...

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Letter To The Editor 11.21.2013 – Goss

To the Editor: Recently, Governor Jay Nixon, of Missouri, declared that those individuals who have entered into “same-sex” marriages may file joint tax returns with the Missouri Department of Revenue. In defense of his act, Governor Nixon called it “appropriate.” ...

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Letter to the Editor – Goss

Dear Editor: On page A-2 and again on B-2 of the Sept. 19, 2013 paper, there is a note claiming that the U.S. Constitution is the longest-enduring of any in the world. This is incorrect. The oldest constitution stilll in ...

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Letter to the Editor 9.26.2013

I commend Jean Scrivner for feeling compelled to comment on my Letter to the Editor of a few weeks ago.  She wondered where I get my information.  True, much of it does come from the Internet from sites that give ...

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Letter to the Editor 9.19.2013

I recently read the letter to the editor by Carol Boeddeker-Genet and found it very interesting not to mention the outrage I felt about what is happening in our country today; but wait… where were her facts coming from?   So ...

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Letter to the Editor: Debt

Dear Editor: Here are some interesting facts about the national debt from www.PresidentialDebt.org. Barack Obama increased the debt by $6,049,049,108,315 in 52 months. George Bush Jr. increased the debt by $5,017,588,850,915 in 8 years. Ronald Reagan increased the debt by ...

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