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What About This…? 9.19.2013

By Wayne William Cipriano Did you read THE SNOOP in the August 29th issue of the Douglas County Herald when the word “dhimmitude” was investigated and its inclusion in the federal legislation called Obamacare was examined? If not, you missed ...

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Looking Backward 9.12.2013

Looking Backward

  25 Years Ago September 8, 1988   Wade Hightower, Hartville, exhibited the grand champion foal in the opening events of the 1988 Show & Celebration on Monday afternoon.  Shakin’ Jake placed first in the colt class then went on ...

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New Beginnings, Old Traditions

Davis Wes ag teacher

By Sue Curry Jones The ‘family farm’ is an expression viewed sentimentally.  For many, it connotes an esteemed lifestyle, a tradition or birthright, and for Ava’s agriculture teacher, Wes Davis, it is the best part of teaching in Ava, it’s ...

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What About This . . .? 9.12.2013

Who says you can’t fight City Hall?  Who says bureaucracies are intractable? As many of you know, the Social Security Administration (SSA) deals almost daily with 150,000,000 people more or less.  So, it is not surprising that every now and ...

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Homegrown With Love For Sports

During college play, Sawyer is shown above, readying at the plate to hit the ball.

By Sue Curry Jones Growing up in a family involved in sports, Jessie Sawyer confesses life would not seem normal without athletics.  She admits that she has always been interested in sports –– she loves being involved, and loves playing.  ...

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