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Wasson Report 3.8.12

Giving Homeowners a Choice A sinkhole, also known as a doline, is a depressed area in the ground, usually caused by the dissolution of bedrock from subterranean water or the collapse of underlying caves. Basically, it’s a hole below the ...

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The Snoop 3.8.2012

What seems like just a few weeks ago now, the Ava Bears and Lady Bears were getting ready to start the basketball season. A lot of people were watching with anticipation, wondering what kind of strategy first-year head coach Nathan ...

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Rowland Report 3.8.12

Greetings from your State Capitol.  It was a tragic week in part of my district last week.  A tornado whipped out its destructive force on the landscape and structures that stood in its path.  I observed the sites on Thursday ...

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Emerson Report 3.8.12

Who Could Love High Gas Prices? High gas prices put a serious dent in our family budgets.  When gas prices go up, getting to work or to school is more expensive, and so is everything on our store shelves that ...

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Dugger Report 3.8.12

Earlier this week, mother nature provided us with a stark reminder of how in an instant one’s life can change.  So often, in the hustle and bustle of life, it is easy to forget just how precious life is, and ...

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