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For default in the payment of debt and performance of the obligations secured by deed of trust executed by Kathryn Yost, dated October 4, 1999, recorded on October 13, 1999, in Book 330 at Page 739, Office of the Recorder of Deeds, Douglas County, Missouri, as amended by that corrected deed of trust dated April 3, 2000 and recorded on May 9, 2001 in Book 358 at Page 169, Office of the Recorder of Deeds, Douglas County, Missouri, the undersigned Trustee will on August 11, 2014, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., and particularly at 1:00 p.m., at the North Door of the Douglas County Courthouse, 203 S. 2nd Ave, Ava, Missouri, sell at public vendue to the highest bidder for cash, the property in Douglas County, Missouri, described as:

The N½ SE¼ and that part of the SW¼ SE¼ lying North of Hunter Creek; all in Section 19, Township 26, Range 14.  The SE¼ SE¼ of Section 19; The NE¼ NE¼ of Section 30; and that part of the SW¼ SW¼ of Section 20 described as beginning at the Southwest corner of said SW¼ SW¼ and run thence North 60 rods thence run South 72-1/2 degrees East 8 rods, thence run South 21-1/2 degrees East 36 rods, thence run South and to the South line of said forty, thence run West and to the point of beginning; All in Township 26, Range 14; EXCEPT that part of the following described land which lies within the above described land; Beginning at a point 892-2/3 links North and 32-1/2 degrees East of the Southwest corner of the SW¼ SW¼ of Section 20, running thence South 74-1/4 degrees West 1521-1/2 links to corner, thence West 39 degrees South 557 links to a corner, thence South one degree West 993 links to a corner, thence North 88-1/4 degrees West 698 links to a point where said line intersects the West line of the NE¼ NE¼ of Section 30, thence South to the Southwest corner of said forty acre tract, thence East to corner which is 529 links East of the Southwest corner of NW¼ NW¼ of Section 29, thence North 2588 links more or less, and to the place of beginning of said EXCEPTION.  ALL IN Township 26, Range 14, Douglas County, Missouri.  SUBJECT To all roads and easements, of record.  Also TOGETHER with a twenty foot easement for ingress and egress over the existing road as now located in the SW¼ SW¼ of Section 20, township 26, Range 14.

Together with all rights, fixtures and improvements that are a part of said real estate, toward

satisfaction of said debt and costs.


Fybar Service Corporation, Trustee

By: Jeffrey J. Love,

authorized agent

1901 S. Ventura, Suite A

Springfield, Missouri 65804

Telephone: (417) 883-6566

Facsimile: (417) 883-6689






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