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Calendar of Events

This column is provided to our readers free of charge to announce upcoming events that are free to the public. Publication of the same announcement will be limited to two insertions.

* * *

The Douglas County Historical Society will hold its December meeting/party at 6:30 p.m. at the Douglas County Museum on December 17th. Everyone is welcome.                                 12-1t

* * *

The Douglas County Support the Handicapped Board will meet at the Do.Co. Sheltered Workshop on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. The public is invited to attend.                                      12-1t

* * *

The Christmas Program at Friendship Church on U Highway will be given December 16th at 6 p.m. Everyone welcome.         11-2t

* * *

Gentry Church Christmas Play “Walking In His Footsteps” will be December 21 at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome.                                 12-1t



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